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Physical Therapy Business Secrets

Physical therapy business is growing across the nation. As baby-boomers reach the age where joint pain prevents them from enjoying their lives, physical and occupational therapy services are becoming more and more a necessity. They don't just want relief from pain but desire to improve their active lifestyle as well. And even in the midst of shrinking insurance coverage and dollars, we're seeing more and more patients paying out-of-pocket for services than ever before.

It truly is the BEST time to start your physical therapy business, or occupational therapy business.  Take a physical therapy private practice course to learn the secrets to private practice.

This increasing demand for physical therapy services is not a secret however. Many physical and occupational therapists are realizing the opportunity and the growing number of practices opening across the nation is creating a highly competitive market. The great news is there is plenty of business to go around. And many are finding success in spite of the fact there is competition within a mile of their business. The bad news is, the competition is requiring a higher level of quality necessary to gain a competitive advantage of the market share. Consumers are able to "shop around" and choose the better provider if they are not happy with you. This is actually good news for our industry because it is raising the bar and requiring higher quality care at more affordable prices. Medicare is even preparing to launch a national "Performance-Based Pay" program where a facility will get reimbursed at a higher level should they be capable of getting patients better faster!

If you are a PT or OT that is tired of working a JOB (Just Over Broke) and want to have an opportunity to improve your quality of living, this course is for you. You can begin your own private practice for as little as $11,000 working only part-time. We will teach you the secrets to a successful private practice so you won't have to wait years like most practices to start making profit! Guaranteed you will be succeeding more quickly and affordably than any other PT or OT in your region, or your money-back!physical therapy business

OT services are booming as more and more hand related injuries are on the rise with the rise of computer use in this nation. Many OT's are aligning their strengths with PT businesses to share resources and save money. Beware however because if partnerships are not defined well it could become a "losing venture" very quickly.

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- Lynne Rodis, PT
Sebring, FL

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